Few Pizzles For Dogs To Chew

Dogs love to chew on every item that is in front of them. Puppies are ultimate chewers and would nibble on anything they lay eyes on. The pet owners find it difficult to control the chewy behavior of their lovely pet and end up losing their valuable belongings. It is necessary to train the pet to chew on toys and sticks to prevent them for eating off unwanted items. The training has to be given from a young age to help them adjust to the activity. Dogs require frequent training and guidance to perform activities. Pizzle, which is made from penis of bull, is a popular chewy item for dogs. These chewy treats are the favourite of our cuddly friends. They would relish a from their owner with complete dedication. The pizzle is healthy and has several health benefits if consumed. These sticks are considered safer than products made from hide and other animal left overs that are used to make dog treats. The chews are basically meant for two purposes to prevent dogs from chewing on valuable items and to help in improving their teeth strength.

The different sizes and of sticks available

The pizzle is available in various sizes varying in their length and shape. They are dried bull penis that is perfect for dogs to chew on. The natural and pure beef stick contains 100 beef. Thus these are safe for consumption by pets. The penis of the bull is cut and the fluid drained to make it dry. The penis is then dried and made into different shapes and sizes based on the manufacturing companies standards. The pizzle are smoked or dried to make it last for longer periods. The dogs often eat these chew toys when they play with it. Since it is made of 100 beef the product is safe and healthy for consuming. Dogs belonging to every breed love chewing on the beef sticks since they are tasty and delicious. 

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